• What (Turning your supply chain into a competitive edge)








  • What (Business lines)


    Analytics as a service
    Monthly analytics support or advanced research. Turning analytics into actionable insights supported by the (temporary use of) Arkieva platform with focus on process and people coaching. Step by step, self-financing approach.


    Software implementation
    Tailor made supply chain solutions where existing system lack functionality, flexibility or data integration. Using the award-winning Arkieva Supply Chain Suite.

  • What (Your supply chain challenges)


      Customer and Product Segmentation, Service Differentiation, ABC/XYZ Classification, Demand Pattern Classification, New Product Introduction, Product Life Cycle Management, Phase in -, Phase out- planning, Portfolio Management, Profit Maximization per Segment.


      Forecasting Process and Accuracy Improvement, Collaborative Forecasting (300+ users), Statistical Forecasting, Optimizing the limited time of a Demand Planner, Getting towards Exception Management, Leading Indicator Forecasting, Channel Data Forecasting, Promotion and Event Planning, Demand Sensing, Demand Shaping, Installed Based Forecast ing, Available to Promise (ATP), Revenue and Margin Planning.


      Inventory Health Check, Detecting Over- and Understocking in the Network, Stock/Non-stock Decision Models, Centralization/Decentralization Decision Models, VMI, Single -Echelon Safety Stock Optimization, Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO), Lot Size Optimization, Service Level Differentiation, Service Level Sensitivity, Stock Rebalancing, Inventory Tracking and Monitoring.


      Supply Chain Network Design, Production Optimization, Supply Planning, Rough Cut Capacity Planning, Distribution Planning, Master Production Scheduling, Material Requirements Planning, Detailed Scheduling, Optimization Engine Balancing Resources Constraints and Costs of supply to most Profitably meet demand. Prioritizing. Shift Planning, Tank Planning, Transport Planning, Campaign Planning, Production Levelling, Projected Inventories,
      Scenario Management.

    • S&OP

      Balancing Demand and Supply, What-if Scenario Management, Volume & Value, S&OP Meeting Manager, Executive S&OP to Daily Reporting, Dashboarding, Performance Management, Workbenches with Drill Down Capabilities, One Plan for the Company, Process Integration, Change Management, S&OP Coaching.


How (A holistic project approach)

Solventure turns your supply chain into a competitive edge. We unlock value by providing actionable insights through a unique combination of people, process, analytics and tools. We go for long-term partnerships with our clients. The continuous stream of quick, incremental deliverables makes our projects self -financing and fun!

  • people

    People coaching and change management. On the job coaching, interim management, your sparring partner. Building a strong foundation for global, internal and externa l, cross-functional collaboration and integrated planning. Cultural change and institutionalization. We compliment your team. Our consultants are all-rounders who combine technical, people, process and advanced analytics skills.

  • analytics

    Monthly analytics support or advanced research. You compete on analytics. Or at least, you would like to … It is our conviction that better decisions are supported by well d esigned analytics and the successful use of rich data sources. On-demand analytics as a service. Access to a network of expert resources and analytics platform. Forming a bridge for the use of basic and advanced models from an academic towards a practical point of view.

  • process

    Process improvement, process (re)design and monthly in process support. The next step in supply chain excellence can only be achieved by a well -designed combination of people, process, analytics and tools. Sitting in on demand management review meetings, improving the S&OP collaboration process. We model supply chain processes in creasing collaboration and reducing process throughput time.

  • tools

    Tailor made supply chain solutions where existing systems lack functionality, flexibility or data integration. Optimizing the use of existing systems, parameter settings and process alignment. We use the Arkieva software, an awesome supply chain suite which allows to deliver quick and effective results.

We Do

Win-win benefits and long-term partnerships
Deliver fast, incremental results
Self-financing projects
No nonsense and pragmatic


Not just advice and nice presentations
Not just software
Not implement & walk
No big bang implementations

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Wonderful Brands selects Solventure and the Arkieva Software to support the European Sales & Operations Planning Process.​

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